Welcome to Guesthouse St. Michael

Whether you come for a short weekend or a longer holiday, your visit to Guesthouse St. Michael will certainly be an extraordinary experience.


Guesthouse St. Michael is situated in a smal roman church in the village of Dennenburg, near the historical fortified town of Ravenstein on the river Maas. It sits on a sand dune overlooking the surrounding countryside. The Northern wall is the oldest part of the church; it dates from the 11th century en is made from tuff, imported from the Eifel. In later centuries St. Michael was extended with a bell tower and a Gothic choir section. After the French period in 1815, the two villages of Deursen and Dennenburg became one municipality. Eventually St. Michael fell into disuse. Evil tongues have it that the priest no longer wanted to say mass for a handful of farmers and therefore sabotaged the girders from the roof. After extensive renovations in 1958 St. Michael became a national monument. For some time it was the workshop of a potter, then it became a beauty parlour. Since 2016 it is for rent as a holiday home.


After entering St. Michael by the bell tower, you come to a large dining area. St. Michael is self-catering, so you will find a fully equiped kitchen with gass cooker, oven, dishwasher and fridge. It also has a nespresso machine, an electric kettle and the necessary kitchen utensils. Next to the dinning area is a lounge area. Behind a large bookcase, a four poster bed (2 x 1,80 m) stands where the altar used to be. At the foot of the bed a small bench stands in front of the (electric) fire. Upstairs there is another sitting area with a sofa bed for two persons. Downstairs you will find a large bathroom with walk-in shower and the usual toilet amenities. The guesthouse is non-smoking and pets will have to stay at home. Because of safety regulations the 1st. 2nd, and 3rd floor of the bell tower are not accessible. St. Michael has a large garden with lovely views of the surrounding countyside. There are different seating area's, with one in the greenhouse you can use in colder weather. There is also parking space for two cars. In Ravenstein you can hire bicycles.


The north-east of Brabant offers many activities, such as cycling and walking along the river or in the two nature parks nearby, Keent and Herperduin, both populated by Scottisch highlanders and Wissents. You can also go swimming or take a cruise on the river. Horticulture fans can visit the gardens of Demen with its lovely roses or cross the river by ferry and walk around the gardens of Appeltern. The many picturesque villages and historic towns and castles nearby such as Megen, Ravenstein, Batenburg, Grave, Wijchen or Hernen are also interesting destinations. Larger towns like Nijmegen,  Den Bosch or even Eindhoven are easy to visit as St. Michael is only a 15 minutes walk from Ravenstein railway station and five minutes from the motorway. The inhabitants of the province of Brabant are known as 'bourgondiers'  which means we love the good life. So you will find renouned restaurants with lovely food in Ravenstein, Oss and Megen and you can visit brewery or a theegarden in a nearby village. Cultural activities can also be on your agenda; Ravenstein has the largest European museum for flat glass art, and of course you have a host of museums in the lager cities. The Philips museum and the Van Abbe museum of modern art in Eindhoven, the archological museum het Valkhof in the historical Roman town of Nijmegen, or the Africa museum in Berg en Dal. And of course the Noord Brabants museum in 's-Hertogenbosch with it's current exhibition on one of it's most famous sons, the medieval painter Jheronimus Bosch.

Further information

Further English information on the region you can find on virtualtourist.com. This internet travelguide is made by tourists themselves. It has information on the towns of Ravenstein, Nijmegen, Den Bosch e.a.

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